SAED is a Saudi Closed Joint Stock Company with a capital of SAR 100 million, formed in 2014, under the Regulations of Companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

SAED is a B2B and B2C one-stop-source for all your manpower needs, serving across all economic sectors.

Diversity being of utmost importance, SAED accepts and welcomes personnel from across all borders and regions. Currently, SAED is a harbour to personnel from over 50 countries.


We strive to achieve the optimal objectives on which our business system is based by:

  1. Providing solutions and labor services to meet the expectations of our clients, in the public, private, and individual sectors; 
  2. Preserving a strong image of KSA as a leader of human rights protection;

  3. Modeling our pragmatic processes by utilizing the latest technology in our operations, guided by the best global professionals augmenting exemplary expertise.
  1. Contributing to the organization of the manpower sector and workers’ movement within KSA.


Leading the recruitment sector by providing comprehensive labour related solutions and professionally satisfying the needs of clients for both corporate and individual sector.


Promoting solutions and HR services to meet the expectations of our clients, in the public and private sectors as well as the citizen sector, which contributes to building optimal and successful partnerships at various levels.


Contributing to the flourishing of the high-profile image of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with regard to the manpower sector and the preservation of human rights, which the Kingdom has always enjoyed and exhibited at the international community’s interface.


Transforming our pragmatic processes by utilizing the latest technological trends in our operations guided by the best in class practices globally in augmenting exemplary expertise.

About SAED