About SAED

     To be ahead, means that we spare no effort in enabling your organization with the ‘best fit’ Saudi and Non-Saudi talent at the time you need them. In accordance with the professional and regulatory principles, we are committed to invest our tireless efforts and to harness our deep expertise passionately in understanding your business and partner with you to overcome your talent acquisition and secondment challenges by providing you with manpower needs, with all their might and accuracy, seeking to expedite your momentum towards the leading organizations in their field. We very well recognize that we are building a long-term partnership.

We at SAED are built on the strong and top-notch foundation of values, principles and ethics. Adherence to them has made us distinct and a pioneer in providing professional manpower to various sectors, and makes us worthy of the confidence of our clients who are keen on our partnership with them to share and sustain these ethics. Honesty, integrity and respect are values that we live by every single day in all our works and with all our clients; to aid you and provide you with excellence.

SAED International’s Principles
Honesty and integrity
Legal compliance
Dignity of human rights

SAED International’s Vision
Leading the recruitment sector by provision of integrated labor services and solutions that meet the needs of clients professionally, domestically in the near future and internationally in the long run.

SAED International’s Mission
To consolidate our principles in the recruitment sector and to strive to achieve the optimal objectives on which our business system is based, by:

1.Promoting solutions and labor services to meet the expectations of our clients, in the public and private sectors as well as the citizen sector, which contributes to building optimal and successful partnerships at various levels.

      2. Contributing to flourishing of the high-profile image of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with regard to the manpower sector and the preservation of human rights, which the Kingdom has always enjoyed and exhibited at the international community’s interface.

      3. Modeling our pragmatic processes by utilizing the latest technical methods in our operations guided by the best professional practices globally in augmenting exemplary expertise.

      4. Contributing to organization of the manpower sector and workers’ movement within KSA

More than twelve branches of SAED International for ISTIGDAM have been opened across the Kingdom. We intend to establish up to 26 branches to strengthen our relationships and partnerships with our clients, and always be near you.